Suflé, soufflé or soufflé. The same goes for what we call it. All (or almost) we know that the soufflé is a delicate and light culinary preparation to which a certain difficulty is usually associated. However, making the perfect souffle is within everyone’s reach, especially today that we have adequate and precise work tools (electric rods and good ovens) so that the creature does not resist anyone with a minimum of skill.

Steps needed to make a perfect souffle

There are many soufflé recipes, both sweet and savory, and getting any of them is possible if you follow the necessary steps to make the soufflé look perfect. The element that gives flavor to the soufflé is considered the base mixture, one of the two fundamental parts of it. The other one is egg white foam, that is, clear ones mounted on snow, which are the ones that provide the sponge that characterizes it.

Elaborate the base mixture

The base mixture can be a cream of chocolate, lemon, strawberry, spinach, cheese, fish, etc. In the case of salted soufflés, the base of this mixture can be mashed potatoes, béchamel sauce or cheese and cream. Everything depends on the recipe we have decided to prepare.

In many soufflé recipes, the base mix can be prepared in advance and stored in the refrigerator for a reasonable time (between six and eight hours). It must be borne in mind that the ingredients that compose it can be damaged or oxidized, such as egg yolk, potatoes, milk, among others. It is important to allow the mixture to be tempered, out of the fridge, when we are going to finish the souffles.


There are souffles of many types, almost as many as we find foods in the markets All of them, yes, with a common factor: the inclusion of egg whites among the main ingredients. These should be beaten to the point of snow in a very firm way if we want to get that texture so spongy and that ‘domed’ look so characteristic that they present this type of preparations.

And it is already said by his own name: soufflé, from French soufflé, a word whose translation would come to mean ‘bloated’ or ‘inflated’. Here we show you, as an example, the recipe for a delicious ‘Suflé de bechamel y queso’ to surprise your family with a dish as rich as it is colorful.


The Souffle is considered a fast and delicious dish. Sweet dessert with air will be a wonderful addition to your breakfast, especially at a time when the cooking time of morning temptations is extremely inadequate. There are many different recipes for making a curdled souff, which is baked in a microwave, oven, multivark, steam. And if you replace a classic dietary recipe, this dish will diversify your diet on the day of unloading.Characteristics of curd souffle is the speed and ease of cooking. With minimal time you will get an incredible dish that will not leave an indifferent family member. Wine cheese can be supplemented with fruits, fruits or even cherry, raspberry, strawberry jam. But if you do not add sugar to souffle, this dish will become an excellent breakfast. 



The secret of the tender and air souffle is that for preparation it is necessary to use cottage soft and without a pad, and the sour cream must be high in fat.

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